Tonya Walton Pratt

Women in Indiana no longer have to wait at least 18 hours between an ultrasound and an abortion after a recent court ruling halting part of last year’s controversial abortion law.

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A federal judge Thursday ordered the state to include the names of both mothers on the birth certificate of a child born to a lesbian couple.

Indiana birth certificates list only the mother and the father.

Eight lesbian couples sued, seeking the right to include both mothers: the birth mother and her partner.

They argue the state’s current system sometimes denies them the right to give the child both last names and denies parents – and the children – certain rights and access to benefits.

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Planned Parenthood and the ACLU sued over three parts of the new law, including its two most significant provisions.

The first of those bans abortions performed solely because of a fetus’ potential disability, sex or race. The state argues that provision prevents discrimination.

But federal judge Tanya Walton Pratt says it clearly violates a right first established by the Supreme Court in 1973 – a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy before viability.

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