Transportation and Infrastructure

A state Senate committee is considering a bill that would exempt hybrid and electric motorcycles from paying an annual fee. The fee collects money for roads from hybrid and electric vehicle owners who don’t pay as much in gas taxes as other drivers. 

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An ordinance the West Lafayette City Council will consider Monday calls for the removal of any vehicle or equipment parked in new emergency snow routes.

West Lafayette street commissioner Ben Anderson says the rule would apply when two inches of snow is on the ground or is forecast to fall.

"Weather forecasters do the best they can to predict," Anderson says. "You can have a slight change in the wind direction and it can totally affect how much snow we get."

Officials with the Indiana Department of Transportation say the years-long push to connect Indiana north to south via Interstate 69 is on schedule to open to traffic in 2024. 

During a public forum at Perry Meridian High School Thursday, INDOT officials circulated papers proclaiming, “The finish line is in sight!” for the $1.5 billion update to Section 6 of I-69, a corridor that extends from Martinsville to Indianapolis.

Lafayette's EM Weaver Building Partially Collapses

Aug 27, 2019
Taylor Haggerty / WBAA News

A block of Lafayette’s South Street was closed Tuesday after a portion of the historic EM Weaver building at Five Points collapsed overnight. A contractor was brought in to stabilize the building after a segment of the outer wall fell into the street around 5 a.m.

Lafayette Fire Chief Richard Doyle says firefighters at a station across the street from the building heard the collapse.

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Crawfordsville is making an effort to improve walkability and safety around town, starting with its schools. The city is updating school zone speed limits and locations for the first time in 35 years.

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The U.S. could see large-scale activation of its first 5G cell phone networks later this year, but a Purdue University researcher has found vulnerabilities in the system that could expose it to hackers.

Purdue post-doctoral researcher Syed Hussain says the faster network’s security is better suited for the 4G and 3G wireless technology it’s built from. He worries that makes the network susceptible to hacking information such as a caller’s location and number of calls placed.

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The West Lafayette City Council has passed an ordinance creating operating fees and fines for electric scooter companies hoping to bring their services to the city. But officials say companies willing to work together with the city to regulate the scooters could pay less.

The ordinance requires scooter companies such as Bird or Lime to pay an annual fee of $15,000 to operate in the city. They would also have to pay $1 per scooter, per day.

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As construction crews near the halfway point of Lafayette’s Combined Sewer Overflow project, they’re finishing off some big elements. Friday, the city opened a giant water tank, about the size of an NFL football field, for media tours before it’s sealed off.

To enter the tank on Friday morning, visitors including State Rep. Sheila Klinker and Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski had to walk through a darkened pipe, nine feet in diameter.

“Can you imagine when the water’s flowing through here?” Roswarski says.

“Listen to that echo. Woo!” Klinker says. / Pexels


More than a dozen Tippecanoe County streets would get state funding for improvements under a plan preliminarily approved by the county’s Technical Transportation Committee this week.

County officials will open the plan to public comment this spring, before submitting it to state officials. It includes numerous road and sidewalk improvements to be carried out during the next five years.

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Tippecanoe County drivers may be struggling to adapt to new roundabouts, with a spike in crashes at one of them in 2017. That’s according to the latest county Vehicle Crash Report.

The report highlights trends in traffic incidents, identifying the most common kinds of crashes and the most frequent crash sites. The intersection of Creasy Lane and South Street again takes first place, registering 81 nearby crashes in 2017, the year for which data was just released.