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Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA

In the crossroads of America, it's pretty easy to get around by driving or flying. But if you want to take the train, your options are limited.

Now, public-private deals such as the Hoosier State train are trying to change that.

Proponents of more rail service hope the Indianapolis-to-Chicago line so far will help prove their point to lawmakers.

On a Friday morning, the Hoosier State train is snaking north between Dyer and the Illinois state line. About 90 passengers sleep in their seats, eat breakfast in the dining car or use free WiFi.

House GOP Roads Funding Plan Fueled By Tax Hikes

Dec 17, 2015
Jim Grey /

House Speaker Brian Bosma Wednesday began to reveal the details of his caucus’ comprehensive road funding plan, a proposal that includes tax increases.

Congressman Andre Carson /

Congress is back in session for the march toward adjournment for the year.

The House and Senate's first week back will be consumed by debate over the nuclear deal with Iran, although Senate Democrats are expected to block a final vote in the Senate. But Congress has until Oct. 1 to pass a spending bill to keep the government running for the next year, and is trying to finalize a six-year transportation funding bill.

Congressman Luke Messer (R-6th) says the Iran deal deserves a debate and vote, even though the outcome is a foregone conclusion.