City of West Lafayette

We’ll know Friday evening what a week of public input has done to change the plans for a redeveloped Chauncey Hill Mall.

It’s perhaps the most valuable piece of land in West Lafayette, and Mayor John Dennis – our guest this week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor – will have to balance the desire for something a little more eye-catching, clean and modern with the nostalgia some people appear to have for a piece of property that’s never really lived up to its potential.

City of Frankfort

The city of Frankfort has taken its transition to police body cameras slowly. But when it comes to police sharing information on social media, the city jumped right in last month.

On this edition of Ask The Mayor, we chat with Mayor Chris McBarnes about whether there are any of the same privacy concerns on Twitter that there are about video of traffic stops.

Indiana Senate Republicans /

Democrats are mounting a full-court press to unseat one of the most conservative members of the Indiana Senate.

Carmel Republican Mike Delph won his last reelection race by 18 points, narrowly winning the district‘s Indianapolis precincts while piling up most of his seven-thousand-vote margin in conservative Hamilton County.

Since then, Delph‘s L-shaped district has been slightly redrawn, adding Zionsville and more of Indy‘s westside.

Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

The mother of an Indianapolis native being held hostage by the group calling itself The Islamic State is using Twitter to try to reach out to his captors.

A family spokeswoman says Paula Kassig started a Twitter account on Wednesday and sent a short note to what appeared to be several Twitter accounts that appeared to be based in the Middle East.

The note was intended for the leader of ISIS, addressed as a "Message to the Caliph Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi from the mother of Abdul Rahman Kassig."

Lafayette Launches Facebook and Twitter

Mar 6, 2012

Lafayette hopes social media will help expand its presence.

The city launched both Facebook and Twitter pages Tuesday.

Project Manager Jennie Peterson says the goal is to keep all residents better informed of the city’s happenings, business opportunities, and events.

Information Technology Department Systems Analyst Patty Payne believes using these online tools will help connect with younger residents.

Engineers from Facebook, Twitter and other social media firms have launched an app that allows social searching on Google to become truly social. And they are calling it Don't Be Evil, a play on Google's fabled motto.