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Threats Of ICE Raids Impact Indiana Businesses

Jul 8, 2019

President Donald Trump has renewed his threat that raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, officers could start following the Fourth of July. Those threats have impacted Indiana businesses.

Gov. Holcomb Defers To Congress On DACA Action

Sep 6, 2017

Gov. Eric Holcomb isn’t saying if Indiana will take any action around Hoosiers with DACA status, given to undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.

About 10,000 people in Indiana have that status, out of 800,000 nationwide. But President Donald Trump said this week the program will end and that status will be revoked in six months without Congressional intervention.


Alex Rodriguez dials an unfamiliar number on his cell phone.

“Yes?,” a voice on the other end answers. On speakerphone, the phone booms inside Rodriguez’s parked silver Ford Escape.

“This is Alex,” Rodriguez says. “I’m on the way to your home so that I can complete the enrollment for the kids.”

An estimated 3 million migrant workers travel the nation each year, following work. Depending on the season, Indiana farms employ between 2,000 and 20,000. And like anyone in the nation under 22, migrant workers and children are entitled by law to an education.


Colleges and universities across the country are tackling a big issue: Whether to officially adopt certain policies intended to protect people who entered the U.S. illegally.

In Indiana, that conversation could soon end.

Under a bill moving through the Indiana Legislature, lawmakers would outlaw so-called sanctuary campuses. They’re colleges that pledge they will not share anyone’s immigration status with federal authorities.

courtesy Delaware State University

Undocumented students in Indiana can apply for a privately funded scholarship to attend college in Delaware or Connecticut.

TheDream.us is a privately-funded scholarship organization that helps undocumented students fund their college education.

According to the Indiana Latino Institute, an estimated 300-400 undocumented students graduate from Indiana high schools each year.

Indiana is one of the many states that charge undocumented students out-of-state college tuition.

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Indiana Senate Democrats Monday unveiled policy initiatives aimed at helping the state’s undocumented immigrants, including a potential measure that would provide them with drivers permits.

The Pew Research Center estimates that about 110,000 undocumented immigrants live in Indiana.  Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane says there are common sense changes the state can make to help not just that population, but all Hoosiers.  That includes providing limited drivers permits to undocumented immigrants if they show proof of insurance – which Lanane calls a public safety measure: