Vocational Education

Indiana workforce officials are convening dozens of groups of local education and business leaders across the state to improve training efforts for new workers.

It’s the next phase of the Indiana’s SkillUp program, which aims to help localize training efforts for the state’s estimated million job openings in the next decade.

McCormick Responds To New Federal Graduation Rate Requirements

Jul 12, 2017

A new federal education law would make thousands of diplomas known as general diplomas no longer count toward a school’s graduation rate. It’s a move that Indiana’s schools chief says “blindsided” the state.

“Obviously the state recognizes those diplomas, employers are recognizing those diplomas,” says Jennifer McCormick, Indiana superintendent of public instruction. “This will just make it more problematic.”

High School Job Training Takes On New Life In Indiana

Jul 3, 2017

What’s the point of high school? To get students ready for college or the workforce?

For years, Indiana officials have gone back and forth.

“Indiana has tended to shift one way and say ‘everyone needs a four year degree’ and then we shift the other way and say ‘we just need technical certifications,’” says Molly Deuberry, Indiana Department of Education spokesperson. “Really, the truth is in the middle, we need a great mix of all of those things.”

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Governor Mike Pence made a trip to Capitol Hill Wednesday to present examples of what’s going on in Indiana to help all students succeed, whether they’re headed for college or career. 

Pence has long promoted expanding career and technical education in the Hoosier state.

He testified before the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, emphasizing the need for high schools to work for all students, regardless of where they’re headed in life.

Courtesy Crawfordsville Mayor's Office

Some questions asked of the mayor this week:

You recently got back an assessment from a company in South Carolina assessing how ready the county is for economic development. Tell me your initial impressions of what the report says.

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As the Department of Education works to rewrite the A-through-F rating standards for Indiana schools, it‘s grappling with how to measure not just academic performance but career readiness.

ISTEP scores are a big part of the old accountability formula and will be a major part of the new one. But as Indiana puts more emphasis on vocational education instead of steering all students toward college, the state is looking for test scores to reflect those skills:

Pence To Seek More Vocational Ed. Money

Jun 20, 2014
Brandon Smith / Indiana Public Broadcasting

Governor Mike Pence says he'll seek money in next year‘s budget to back up his push for more vocational education in Indiana schools.

Last year, legislators unanimously enacted Pence‘s call for a state career council to coordinate school curricula with the job market, and added regional councils to tailor lesson plans to local needs.

Pence told an Indiana Youth Institute conference of guidance counselors the next step is to make sure those industrial arts and technical education programs are available in Indiana schools.