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The Indiana State Board of Education has approved the acceptance of vouchers by four private schools with a history of low performance and academic failure.

All four schools had lost their ability to enroll new students in the Choice Scholarship program because they’d been rated a D or an F on the state’s accountability system for at least two consecutive years.

But a new law allows private schools in this situation to seek a one-year waiver.

Without a waiver, schools would need years of academic improvements to accept new voucher students.

Purdue University

Very few freshmen in Purdue University’s incoming class are affected by President Trump’s latest immigration order. And for those students who are, the school is hoping to secure waivers of the travel ban. 

Prospective Purdue students from countries affected by President Trump’s new executive order may face difficulty in obtaining their student visas if their waiver requests are denied.

Indiana one of ten states granted waiver from NCLB

Feb 9, 2012

The Associated Press is reporting President Obama is freeing ten states, including Indiana, from the strict requirements of No Child Left Behind.

The waivers were granted based on proposals from each state outlining how they plan to improve the way they prepare and evaluate students.

Indiana’s Board of Education has already approved an overhaul of how it grades schools.

The state‘s A-through-F grading scale is now attached to a new evaluation system that gives schools more credit when their student‘s test scores grow faster than their peers.