War of 1812

It’s a warm summer in 1812 as our story opens in the wooded environs of Fort Wayne, Territorial Indiana.  Our story alternates between James, the American and Anikwa, the Miami Indian, their friendship founded on the like interests of two young men living on the edge of the new American civilization, more familiar with the woods that surround them than with the brewing war between the new American nation and the British Empire and their Native American allies that inevitably reaches their wooded outpost.  Helen Frost presents a riveting story where tensions slowly build between these soon-t

The War of 1812

Jan 19, 2012

Two hundred years ago wide swaths of the now US upper Midwest and southern Canada were engaged in open warfare; from the burning of our young national capital, Washington DC to the climactic battle of old and new on the bluffs of the Wabash we now call Battle Ground, the War of 1812 ravaged our young nation. Yet 200 years hence we hardly acknowledge this war’s crucial changes to the United States of America.  Today’s book, The War of 1812, sets out to bring the War and its heroes, its victims, and its importance to our attention.