West Lafayette City Council

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Though West Lafayette leaders are thinking of changing the rules for how often rental units are inspected and how much landlords are charged for those properties, the man in charge of the process says a reason outlined in the ordinance isn’t much of a concern.

A revised ordinance up for consideration by the City Council cites what it calls “widespread problems with overoccupancy of rental housing” as a reason to rewrite the law.

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A new West Lafayette law could extensively regulate private and commercial drone-flying in the city limits.

The West Lafayette city council is set to hear an ordinance this evening that places new flight rules on drones, such as keeping the aircraft within the pilot’s line of sight at all times and prohibiting flying more than 50 feet in the air.

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The West Lafayette City Council is set to vote Monday on the Parks and Recreation Department’s action plan, which includes spending more than $1.8 million on the Morton Community Center – a building that’s been the de facto city hall for the last three years.

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West Lafayette is now a so-called “safe haven” for immigrants – even though that declaration is likely to mean very little where the law is concerned.

The West Lafayette City Council Monday evening approved the resolution before overflowing crowd at the Morton Center. It asserts no city department will investigate a person’s immigration status unless it’s party to a criminal investigation or required by law or court order.

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The West Lafayette City Council is considering a resolution that would declare West Lafayette a safe haven for immigrants.

The resolution seeks to discourage city employees from assisting authorities in investigating a person’s immigration status, unless required by a court order.

The resolution stops short of designating Lafayette a so-called “sanctuary city,” a term that has become popular when referring to cities that refuse to assist federal entities with deportation of undocumented people.

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The West Lafayette City Council has passed an ordinance mandating that any animal coming to a shelter be implanted with a microchip.

The chips work as a kind of barcode that can be scanned by shelter employees when an animal is lost or injured.

Almost Home Humane Society executive director Stacy Rogers says the Humane Society has implanted more than 12,000 microchips in the past nine years.

She believes that is directly related to West Lafayette’s high, 87-percent return-to-owner rate for lost dogs.

City of West Lafayette

One of the traits of many mayors that is spoken of frequently but embodied less often is leadership. It’s a subject we spend some time on with West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis on this edition of Ask The Mayor. In what may be his last term in office, does he get in front of issues or just try to make operations run smoothly for his last four years?

Also on this week’s show, the League of Women Voters wants the Lafayette and West Lafayette city council presidents to lobby for a non-partisan redistricting commission.

Tippecanoe County officials are contacting some West Lafayette voters who cast their ballots early, after a computer error gave them the wrong ballot.

Tippecanoe County Clerk Christa Coffey says 94 voters in Wabash Township, which contains West Lafayette, received ballots containing the wrong city council race, thanks to a software error in the computer voting system the county employs. Coffey says the error was pinpointed Sunday after multiple people kept insisting their ballot was incorrect, even though the registration indicated they were in the right district.

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Though they’re often overlooked or written off, university student government officials are rarely unenthusiastic. And occasionally, they even surprise themselves when they propose an idea that seems a tad far-fetched.

So when Purdue student Vice President Caroline McKinney went to talk with West Lafayette City Council members about the idea of getting a student's voice on the council, she proposed the idea of adding a non-voting member to the body.

WL annexation plan receives initial approval

Jul 2, 2013

A proposed annexation has received unanimous approval from the West Lafayette City Council.

The revised plan focuses on land around the new US 231 corridor.

It leaves out many residential areas that were included in the original proposal.

A public hearing must be held before the council takes a final vote sometime this fall.

If approved, the annexation would take effect January 1st.