Zachary Baiel

Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

A year after securing additional power in the state legislature, Tippecanoe County Democrats held their seats on the Lafayette City Council and made significant gains in West Lafayette in Tuesday’s elections.

Big Advantages On Both Councils

Starting in January, both councils will have eight Democrats and just one Republican on them. County Democratic Party Chair Heather Maddox attributes the success to what she calls “old-fashioned” methods.

Emilie Syberg / WBAA News

West Lafayette mayoral candidate Zachary Baiel says if he’s elected, he’d like to see a greater diversity of developers spending money in the city – especially locals.

Speaking Monday night on WBAA, Baiel said he’s somewhat concerned that just a few developers have done the lion’s share of the work along West Lafayette’s State Street, and he’d like to find a way to keep the market from pricing out Greater Lafayette interests.

City of West Lafayette

For the first time in eight years, West Lafayette’s mayoral race has two candidates. Zachary Baiel is running as an independent on a platform focused on transparency in local government. Does West Lafayette need more transparency? How will having a challenger change the campaign landscape in the city?

The future of the New Chauncey Neighborhood Plan remains in limbo. It failed to get a majority vote for or against it from the Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission (APC), so the panel will reconsider it next month.

Most of the comments at Wednesday night’s meeting were from New Chauncey residents in opposition to the proposed guidelines, including Rick Thomas. He calls the plan a long-term recipe for urban development that relies on cycles of deterioration followed by urban renewal with a focus on business and commercial development.