Campaign Flyer Misidentifies Indiana Sikh As A Muslim Trump Supporter

Oct 17, 2016

Credit Barbara Brosher/Indiana Public Broadcasting

An Ohio flyer for the Donald Trump campaign misidentifies a Sikh man from Fishers as a Muslim Trump supporter.

The ad features Gurinder Singh Khalsa with the word "Muslim" superimposed above him.

“A friend of mine, she sent me the link, she said your picture is showing a campaign ad, a campaign flyer for Trump," Khalsa says. “I was completely shocked, nobody ever asked me to use my photo."

In August, Khalsa founded the Sikh Political Action Committee, a non-partisan group encouraging state lawmakers to include Sikhs in the conversation.

He says they want to teach the public who they are, why they have beards and wear turbans. Khalsa says Sikhs have been mistaken as radical Islamists and have been targeted by hate crimes.

Khalsa says he doesn’t support Trump and hopes to use the flyer as a way to teach about his faith.