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Trouble Streaming WBAA?

Trouble Listening to the WBAA mobile app?

Trouble Listening to the WBAA.ORG Streaming players?

Trouble Listening on a Voice Activated Device?

Here are a few items that may help.

Q: I am hearing a message from time to time that interrupts the stream, what should I do?

A: Ensure that your device you are listening on has a high speed connection. Slower speeds or poor phone, tablet or computer performance can cause buffering of the stream (more tips below), which will cause buffering. When this occurs, it will re-connect to the WBAA stream and the message will repeat.

If you are having troubles listening to the WBAA stream, here are a few tips.

Mobile Device (Iphone, Android, Tablets)

1.Be sure your device has a strong signal, either Wi-Fi, or LTE. Speeds of Wi-Fi routers and providers vary. Ensure that your internet is fast enough to stream a live broadcast.

2.Be sure that your internet history is cleared out from time to time.

3.Try the WBAA Mobile App. It is available at the ITunes or Google Play Store.

4.If you are having a problem with the mobile app. Open your browser and go to Our website is mobile friendly and is able to stream from that location.


1.If you have a computer that operates off of Wi-Fi, ensure that your signal is strong enough and or has enough speed for a live streaming connection.

2.If your computer is hard wired (Lan Cable) to your router, be sure that your internet history or cache has been cleaned out.

Voice Activated Devices

Currently you can listen to WBAA on the Amazon Echo, and the Amazon Dot.  You must set up your Amazon Echo or Dot to play from Tune In and or Iheart Radio for this function to work properly. You can find this under SETTINGS then MUSIC & BOOKS in your Amazon App that came with your unit.

When using the Amazon Echo and the examples below, please use the Wake Word that you chose for your unit. For example, if your wake word is "Alexa", use "Alexa". If you use "Echo" substitute the word Alexa in the examples below with "Echo". Same for the Wake Word "Dot".

The phrases that will work with Amazon Echo or Dot are:

"Alexa, Play WBAA News"-This will default to the Tune In App

"Alexa, Play WBAA Jazz "-This will default to the Tune In App

"Alexa, Play WBAA Classical"-This will default to the Tune In App

If you are wanting to listen to WBAA on Iheart Radio, the following phrases will work with the Amazon Echo or Dot:

"Alexa, Play WBAA News on Iheart Radio"

"Alexa, Play WBAA Jazz on Iheart Radio"

"Alexa, Play WBAA Classical on Iheart Radio"

If you continue to have troubles. Please feel free to reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to help.

You can send a message to our Operations/Engineering Team by clicking HERE.