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Currently you can listen to any of the three WBAA stations on Amazon and Google smart speakers.  You must have either "TuneIn" and or "Iheart Radio" installed on your device for this to work properly, however, the first time you make one of the following commands, your speaker should prompt you to download the appropriate app.

Universal phrases that will work with any device are:

"Play WBAA News"-(This will default to the Tune In App)

"Play WBAA Jazz "-(This will default to the Tune In App)

"Play WBAA Classical"-(This will default to the Tune In App)

If you are wanting to listen to WBAA on Iheart Radio, the following phrases will work.

"Play WBAA News on Iheart Radio"

"Play WBAA Jazz on Iheart Radio"

"Play WBAA Classical on Iheart Radio"

Amazon Echo users have some phrases that are specific to echo devices.  They are:

"Alexa, Play Morning Edition"  -Plays a recording of the most recent hour of Morning Edition

"Alexa, Play NPR" -Plays the live stream of your local NPR station.

You can listen to WBAA News and WBAA Classical on Apple smart speakers via iTunes Radio, however WBAA Jazz is not available at this time. 

To Listen To NPR One

Once a user has enabled the NPR One skill, here are the main functions. 

Voice command


Alexa, play NPR One

Hear flow of local and national news and stories (as with the NPR One app, curated to your preferences and profile)

Alexa, ask NPR One to play the latest news

Hear the latest national and local newscast

Alexa, ask NPR One to recommend a podcast

Hear podcast episodes (curated to your profile)

Alexa, ask NPR One to play [show name]

Hear that show