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Student Engagement

Throughout its history, WBAA has worked with hundreds of students from high school through graduate school who have helped with everything from engineering to programming to writing and much, much more. 

As public radio from Purdue, education has always been at the heart of WBAA’s mission and that goes beyond the content you hear over our airwaves and into the very ethos of the station.   

WBAA has proudly trained some of the world’s most renowned journalists, such as Chris Schenkel and John DeCamp.  Many former students have also gone on to make an impact in the world through successful careers in numerous fields.  

One thing that all WBAA students share is a deep sense of gratitude for the mentorship they received while working at the station and the practical experience they gained, which proved as valuable as the lessons learned in the classroom.

WBAA Internship Program with Purdue’s Brian Lamb School of Communication

Growing from this legacy of student engagement, in 2014 WBAA launched its first official internship program with Purdue’s Brian Lamb School of Communication.  The internship program gives students interested in media careers the opportunity to interact with and learn from top Purdue faculty in the communications department.  

Students also gain hands-on experience at a media organization through WBAA, and focus on learning the various aspects of media – from reporting to business and management.  As a part of this year-long program, up to ten hand-selected students complete an intensive semester-long course that is based in the classroom.  The following semester, students work at WBAA to gain on-the-job experience.  

While at WBAA, students become familiar with all aspects of media, including reporting, writing, collecting and editing sound/video, as well as media marketing and development.   

Get Involved with WBAA's Student Engagement

Interested in supporting WBAA’s student engagement efforts?  Learn about ways that your financial support can directly impact our student engagement efforts by contacting WFYI's Volunteer Manager, Lauren Makin, by email at or by phone at (317) 614-0461.