Hogsett's Vow: If Elected, No More Than Two Terms

May 21, 2015

Joe Hoggset is the Democratic nominee for Indianapolis mayor.
Credit Bill Shaw

Joe Hogsett is pledging to serve a maximum of two terms if elected mayor of Indianapolis. Indianapolis mayors were limited to two terms until 1983, when legislators repealed the law for then-Mayor Bill Hudnut, who went on to serve four. Hogsett says the cap should be restored.

"Mayors are leaders and decision makers who are elected to address the immediate and pressing concerns of the people of the community," Hogsett says. "Each mayor of our city should be given a maximum of eight years to implement his or her vision."

He says an eight-year limit eliminates an incentive to defer action on major issues. The term limit is part of a nine-point transparency plan Hogsett unveiled Wednesday. He‘s also pledging to turn down speaking fees or perks such as complimentary club memberships, and to come up with new rules allowing more competition for professional services contracts.

Hogsett says the exact guidelines are still to be determined, but says they‘d follow the principle of enhancing competition and making proposals publicly available. Hogsett praises incumbent Republican Mayor Greg Ballard for instituting a new countywide ethics code, but says Indy now needs to go further.