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Indiana Alzheimer's Cases And Costs Rise

Mar 21, 2018
Lyle Bass received an early Alzheimer's diagnosis and has taken steps to improve his overall health and future care. (Alzheimer's Association of Greater Indiana)
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A new report finds Alzheimer’s deaths in Indiana are on the rise as well as related costs. 

A special part of the annual 2018 Alzheimer’s Facts and Figures report analyzes the personal and financial savings that an early diagnosis can bring. 

Awareness Is Aim Of Early Alzheimer's Advisor

Aug 22, 2017

An Indiana woman will play a role in steering the national Alzheimer’s Association when it comes to the disease’s early stages.

Mary Kay Tarbell was recently named as an Early-Stage Advisor for the Alzheimer’s Association. The position provides an opportunity to advance awareness about the importance of early diagnosis.

Tarbell knew the signs of Alzheimer’s.

“I kind of felt the creeping questions,” she says she started asking. “Why am I forgetting this?”

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Numbers recently made available on an Indiana State Department of Health website show a significant increase in the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease among Hoosiers.

In 2011, just more than 2,000 Alzheimer’s deaths were recorded in Indiana. But in 2015 – the most recent year with state data – that figure had climbed by more than a quarter, to more than 2,500.

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Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly is doubling down on its anti-Alzheimer’s disease efforts. Even though a high-profile Alzheimer’s drug failed its most recent trial, the pharma giant is still holding out hope the science behind the therapy can work.

Solanezumab would have been a Prozac-style blockbuster for Lilly. Instead, a late-stage clinical trial found it didn’t work the way scientists hoped.

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More than 330,000 unpaid caregivers are providing an estimated $4.6 billion in care for about 100,000 Hoosiers diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

The data is among the Alzheimer's Association's recently released annual report highlighting facts and figures about people impacted by the disease.

This year, the national information focuses on the unpaid caregiver.

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330,000 unpaid caregivers are providing an estimated $4.6 billion in care to people suffering from Alzheimer's disease, says a new report from the Alzheimer's Association of Greater Indiana. 

Over 100,000 Hoosiers are living with the disease.

Linda Altmeyer, Program Director for the Greater Indiana Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, says the new data highlights other sacrifices that unpaid caregivers make.