Blue Laws

Richard Elzey /

Thanks to a new law, for the first time in decades, Hoosiers will be able to buy alcohol on Christmas Day.

Before the bill allowing Christmas alcohol sales was passed last spring, Hoosiers who ran out of wassail or eggnog on Christmas had to wait until Boxing Day to buy re-enforcements. The old law, stricter than current Sunday alcohol restrictions, meant people couldn’t even buy a drink in a restaurant—one of the main reasons bill author Rep. Tom Dermody thought the rule needed to be revisited.

Wayan Vota /

Groups pushing Indiana to allow cold beer sales in convenience stores likely face a tough road in the state legislature. 

A federal judge this week ruled against convenience store owners in their lawsuit challenging the state’s ban on cold beer sales by non-liquor stores. 

In a statement, Attorney General Greg Zoeller noted that the proper place for debating the issue is the legislature.