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Indiana will receive $9 million as a result of a settlement reached with drug producer Wyeth, which allegedly cheated multiple states’ Medicaid out of the money when it didn’t offer them federally-mandated rebates on specific drugs.

Indiana, along with 34 other states and the federal government, are sharing a nearly $800 million settlement with the company. Bryan Corbin of the Indiana Attorney General’s Office says drug companies such as Wyeth are required to give Medicaid programs certain rebates in order to save programs tax dollars.

Though abortion rights advocates are happy a federal judge has struck down a 2013 Indiana law requiring all abortion clinics to meet the same standards surgical abortion sites must meet, they say they’re still wary about what the 2015 lawmaking session may bring.

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Same-sex couples in Indiana still aren’t able to get married as a federal appeals court continued to freeze the effects of its ruling striking down the state’s gay marriage ban until the U.S. Supreme Court can weigh in on the issue. 

When a federal district court judge ruled in June that Indiana’s ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals halted that ruling until it could hear the case. 

A state circuit court judge ruled one of two lawsuits challenging Indiana’s Right to Work law can move forward.

Attorneys for the state had filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing Right to Work legislation does not require unions to do anything and federal law places the burden on unions to represent all workers, regardless of whether they’re union members.

Bryan Corbin, spokesman for the Indiana attorney general's office, says the state’s motion was only the first attempt at defeating the suit.