Community Voices

A Cross Country Parable

Jun 23, 2016

There once was a boy who played a lot of video games. He always got picked last in gym class and he had started to believe he wasn’t ever going to find something he was good at. 

There once was a girl who had lots of friends but lived in fear they would find out her secret shame.  She lived in a household with lots of pain.  She wondered if the scars would ever disappear. 

Moneyball And The Myth Of The Unpaid Collegiate Athlete

May 23, 2016

The circularity of many arguments against paying collegiate athletes is enough to make you dizzy. Round and round universities and the NCAA go with their “they shouldn’t be paid because they shouldn’t be paid” arguments.

The Resurrection Of The Purdue Student Band

May 12, 2016

  You hear it all the time: “Purdue University doesn’t have a music school.” “Purdue is just for engineers,” or, more recently, it’s “STEM or bust.”

There’s just no time for Purdue students to start bands, let alone good ones.

The Power Of Art In Growing Communities

May 5, 2016

On a street just off Frankfort’s main square, tucked between a bakery and an empty storefront, sits Frankfort’s only art gallery, Studio 6. On any given Friday or Saturday night, long after the other stores on the square have closed, citizens of Frankfort can still see artists and patrons gathered in the warmly-lit gallery interior. Inside, local art covers the walls and artists sit in armchairs and talk to the gallery’s owner, Wendi Hall, brainstorming ideas for local art events and new projects. 


On April 19, in a federal court room, lawyers representing former collegiate athletes took on the NCAA and the University of North Carolina in what could prove to be a landmark case.  At stake is "academic integrity," a term that both the NCAA and its member institutions like to trot out when athletes are under investigation for academic fraud. Except this time, it is the NCAA and its member institutions (most notably UNC) who are the accused. 

Boxing Their Way To Cooking & Healthy Eating

Apr 21, 2016

As the writer and creator of the Real Food column in the Crawfordsville Journal Review, a column which focuses on eating fresh food prepared at home, I would never have thought I’d be writing about food in a box….Why, my food writing began as a celebration of Crawfordsville’s burgeoning Farmers’ Market…but, an e-mail last month changed that.  In my inbox I found the nicest invitation:  one of my former students had invited me to lunch—which he would prepare and serve. 

I didn't realize how lucky I was at the time.

As a lad growing up in St. Louis, I would pour over the concert listings in the local art weekly newspaper.

I was a music fiend. And I wanted to be around live music at all times.

Several clubs would display their show calendars. It was like a beautiful buffet of sonic delights spread out before me. My mind would spin trying to decide on what shows to hit. Or at least try to attend. Since I was a teenager, money was tight and transportation never a sure thing.

A Critical Look At Art History In High Schools

Apr 7, 2016


For many, the words ¨Art History” conjure up images of endless art slides and interminable lists of artists and movements to recognize. Many view the class as a mere exercise in memorizing artists, dates, and masterpieces, useful only for those who work in art and preservation. As such, the class is often taken in college as the students begin to specialize in their area of study.

Universities And The Young Minds They Tend

Mar 30, 2016

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that the National Football League, which currently generates more than $13 billion in revenue a year, is having trouble coming to terms with the connection between traumatic head injury and football.