John Clare talks to Dave Broman, Executive Director of the Howard County Historical Society, about the group founded in 1916. Currently the Seiberling Mansion is decorated for the holidays through December 30, 2017.

Courtesy H. Kory Cooper

Research from a Purdue anthropology professor has uncovered the first evidence of prehistoric metal trade between Asia and North America.

Anthropology professor and metallurgy expert H. Kory Cooper analyzed two objects uncovered in northern Alaska. The two tiny artifacts—a buckle and a small bead—are made of bronze. That’s important because bronze doesn’t occur in nature--it’s an alloy.

By looking at how such alloys are mixed, anthropologists can pinpoint metals age and where they’re from.

  It seems as if written books are becoming less and less popular, but authors Roderick Cave and Sara Ayad still believe in the value of paper and binding. In the beautifully illustrated collection of what they believe are 100 of the most important books throughout time, Cave and Ayad paint the picture of spoken and written language and how it has evolved with society.