John Clare

The 37th annual Holocaust Remembrance Conference (GLHRC) takes place this weekend in various locations in the Greater Lafayette area this weekend. It begins Saturday, April 14th at Temple Israel and continues at various locations through Wednesday, April 18th. This year's theme is "Come to the Table" and includes two guest speakers, films, discussions, and much more. WBAA's John Clare spoke to co-chair Sarah Powley and committee member Nick Schenkel about the activities and conference.

Joe Haberer is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Purdue University and Emeritus Director of Purdue's Jewish Studies Program.

He was instrumental in Judith Tydor Baumel-Schwartz’s book “Never Look Back: The Jewish Refugee Children in Great Britain 1938-1945,” which is published by Purdue University Press.

The book examines the lives and struggles of Jewish children during World War two as they escaped from Hitler’s Germany to Britain, which was called the Kindertransport.