(Indianapolis Power & Light)
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A state agency representing utility customers says Indianapolis Power & Light doesn’t need a $96 million rate hike. The agency has received more than 2,700 comments from customers opposing the proposed increase. 

City of Frankfort

The city of Frankfort long ago identified State Road 28 as an area of concern.

The state department of transportation gave the road a topcoat of asphalt not long ago, but didn’t fix the underlying problems, pushing them off until 2019.

Now the city is trying to plan for that construction, but should it be worried the state will again kick the can down the pothole-laden road? We put that to Chris McBarnes on this edition of Ask The Mayor.




A rate hike requested by American Suburban Utilities is now in the hands of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.

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Duke Energy is petitioning state regulators to allow for a 6 percent rate increase to pay for updates to its electric grid.

The electric company’s proposal to the state’s utility regulatory commission says the gradual six-year increase will pay for improvements to the power system, such as installation of so-called “self-healing” systems that quickly re-route power and isolate outages and digital meters.

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“Worse than doing nothing” – that’s how critics describe Indiana’s new energy efficiency effort crafted by Governor Mike Pence and the General Assembly. 

Environmental and consumer advocacy groups say the new energy efficiency program is going to drive up costs for residential consumers. 

Under the approved legislation, each utility company must develop its own energy efficiency program…and they can raise rates to cover any revenue they lose because of decreased energy usage. 

Energy Efficiency Bill Awaits Gov's Signature

Apr 8, 2015
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An energy efficiency plan requested by Governor Pence is on its way to his desk.

The Senate has given final approval to a bill requiring electric utilities to submit conservation plans to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission every three years.

Senate Utilities Chairman Jim Merritt (R-Indianapolis) says by going through the IURC instead of an outside agency, the plan will be cheaper than the Energize Indiana plan implemented by former Governor Mitch Daniels – a program that was repealed by the legislature last year.

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A state Senate committee approved legislation Thursday creating a new energy efficiency program, which would largely be directed by utility companies, to replace the one lawmakers eliminated last year.

Consumer Agency Opposes $2 Billion Duke Energy Upgrades

Nov 19, 2014
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The state agency that represents utility ratepayers is asking another state department to deny Duke Energy’s $1.9 billion proposal to upgrade its systems. 

Duke Energy’s seven-year plan aims to upgrade its electric grid that services more than 800,000 homes and businesses in Indiana. Before Duke Energy can implement it, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission must approve the plan.