Lafayette Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

In his state of the city address this week, Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski mentioned that drug arrests were way up, year over year.

Any time there’s such a large change in a number like this, the question becomes: was there more crime, were police focusing more effort on rooting it out, or both?

courtesy Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission

Tippecanoe County leaders will get a look Thursday at one of the first data-driven attempts at measuring cycling and walking in the community.

The Area Plan Commission will see a map showing more than 40 sites where volunteers have measured the volume of bikes and pedestrians.

APC Assistant Director for Transportation Planning John Thomas says it’s just a first step – more sites will still be surveyed – but it’s a way to keep lawmakers skeptical of building more bike-ped infrastructure engaged in the discussion.

Kristin Malavenda/WBAA News

Greater Lafayette-area bicyclists are calling on local officials to make the roads safer for them.

The issue of bikes and cars sharing the road has been at the forefront recently with the city of Lafayette’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan nearing completion, and officials in West Lafayette and Tippecanoe County looking into establishing similar documents.

But a recent accident has caused cyclists to ask for quicker action to improve conditions.