powdered alcohol

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Indiana is struggling to keep so-called "synthetic drugs" off store shelves, but legislators don‘t expect any similar challenges with another banned substance soon to hit the market.

An Arizona company plans to begin selling powdered alcohol, or palcohol, this summer.

Indiana joined 11 other states this year in banning it.

Three more have imposed temporary bans.

Indianapolis Senator Jim Merritt authored both that law and Indiana‘s ban on drugs such as bath salts and synthetic marijuana, or Spice.

Indiana Senate Republicans / http://www.indianasenaterepublicans.com/

Indiana lawmakers are rushing to ban powdered alcohol before it reaches store shelves in the state. The bill’s author fears the substance could endanger young adults.  

When mixed with any liquid, a package of the powdered alcohol creates an instant cocktail with the same alcoholic content as a shot. Indiana lawmakers were already in the process of banning the substance when it received approval last week from federal authorities. Lafayette Republican Senator Ron Alting authored the bill. He plans to amend the legislation so it takes effect right away.