First Baby Box To Open In Central Indiana

Jun 22, 2018

The Hoosier State’s third baby box will be installed in a central Indiana fire station. Indiana lawmakers approved legislation this year to expand the state’s Safe Haven law to allow 24 hour fire stations to install baby boxes. 

Monica Kelsey is a firefighter and founder of Safe Haven Baby Box. She says the option is safe.

"When a mom comes up the door and she opens it up initially the first 911 call goes out," says Kelsey. "Once she walks around and places the child in the box, the second call goes out."

Kelsey says the box will be visible from the Decatur Township station and will help increase awareness.  She says some women need this option.

"This happened in Indianapolis a few years ago at one of the hospitals, there was a baby found at the door of the ER, why didn’t this woman walk in, why didn’t she had the baby over?" Kelsey says. "It’s pretty clear she wanted to remain anonymous."

There are two other baby boxes in Indiana, both in firehouses – one in La Porte County and one in Allen County. Two babies have been surrendered in baby boxes in Indiana. 

Critics of the law argue it creates almost no safety regulations for the boxes.

The cost of the box, about $10,000, was provided by He Knows Your Name ministry.