Iran Deal Concerns Attorney General and Congressional Candidate Zoeller

Sep 10, 2015

Credit State of Indiana /

Indiana Attorney General and congressional candidate Greg Zoeller is worried about potential reverberations among America’s allies in the wake of the United States’ nuclear deal with Iran.

Senate Democrats blocked a resolution to reject the deal Thursday afternoon, solidifying the agreement between the U.S. and the Middle Eastern country.

Zoeller, who has not read the agreement in its entirety, says he knows members of Congress have access to information the general public doesn’t, and so declined on making a definitive statement on how he would have voted on the deal. 

Zoeller says he can see both sides of the argument, but does say he’s worried about the consequences of the deal when it comes to dealing with America’s allies:

"It’s hard to say without knowing more," he says, "But I’d say I know our partners and our allies are not going to like it much if we pass this."

However, the U.S. did broker the deal with several of its allies before agreeing to ease sanctions on Iran. Zoeller says he’s also concerned about military action against Iran by Israeli forces in the case of the accord’s passage.

Zoeller is seeking to replace the seat being vacated by 9th District Congressman Todd Young, who is running for U.S. Senate.