Scientists Send Letter To Pence Explaining Climate Change

Oct 27, 2015

The letter tells the governor human actions -- like driving cars -- are increasing the rate of climate change.
Credit Niels Paul /

A group of Indiana climate scientists say the Pence administration doesn’t understand the science of climate change and needs to take action to address the issue.

Gabriel Filippelli is an IUPUI earth sciences professor and led a group of scientists in penning a letter to Governor Mike Pence.  Filippelli says the reality of climate change – and that humans are largely responsible for it – is no longer debated by the scientific community. 

Yet he says the Pence administration doesn’t seem to accept that…which Filippelli says can have severely negative consequences.

“[It] really holds us back from being forward-thinking with technologies and innovations to revolutionize Indiana,” he says.

Filippelli says the voice of experts on climate change has been missing from the Pence administration.

“We want to make it clear that, hey, we are here; we are at your service," Filippelli says.  "We will tell you that the climate change science is real and we should be using that reality to plan for the future.”

In a statement, Pence spokesperson Kara Brooks says the administration appreciates the group taking time to write the letter and will take their perspective under consideration.