A Purdue professor has found that rooms rented on sites such as Airbnb benefit white neighborhoods, but do less good for black and Latino areas.


After decades of manufacturing job losses, some Hoosier cities with majority white populations are bouncing back. But Gary, which is mostly black, is still struggling to stabilize.

It’s where former steelworker Mike Mitchell grew up. He pulls up to an empty lot on a quiet side street and stops his car.

“That’s where we used to stay,” he says.

The house where he grew up was torn down years ago. Now, it’s just weeds and wood scraps.

Bureau of Economic Analysis / U.S. Department of Commerce

Indiana led all the other states in GDP growth for the fourth quarter of 2015.

The state’s gross domestic product rose 3 percent – with manufacturing and agriculture driving most of that increase.


The GDP measures how much was spent on goods and services produced in-state. Indiana’s late-2015 increase from $338.7 million to $341.2 million in GDP was top in the nation, with neighboring Ohio coming in second.

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Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business reports the national and global economic struggles are hitting Indiana’s economy.

The school’s 2016 Economic Forecast says the business investment and government sectors are behind, which will contribute to growth next year that’s expected to be a few tenths of a percent below average. IU Economic Analysis Director Tim Slaper says policy uncertainty in Washington also negatively affects economic growth.

Re-entering The Workforce Series: Part 1 -- Moms

Aug 10, 2015
Gretchen Frazee / Indiana Public Broadcasting

Looking for a new job can be hard -- from updating a resume to networking with friends to making sure you have the skill sets to impress potential employers.

All of those things are especially difficult for mothers who have chosen to leave the workforce to take care of their children and now find themselves stepping back into the world of adults.

courtesy Dan Coats

U.S. Senator Dan Coats (R-IN) says the Republican Party’s capture of the Senate will make all the difference for his party -- if lawmakers handle their new leadership the right way.

Coats says Republicans have been incredibly frustrated the last few years as bills sent from the GOP-controlled House were blocked by a Democratic majority in the Senate, often without debate. 

The Hoosier Senator says the victories won in this month’s election can allow the GOP to advance its alternatives to President Obama’s proposals.

Purdue's TAP has billion dollar impact

Oct 8, 2012

An effort at Purdue is touting its work to assist Indiana businesses save money and increase revenue.

The Technical Assistance Program, or TAP, reports it helped Hoosier companies increase or retain sales worth nearly $115-million over the past year.

That is about 265 percent more than the previous year.

Director David McKinnis says the goal moving forward is to work more with units of government. 

Indiana added 5,300 private sector jobs last month, and its unemployment rate dropped for the fourth straight month to 8.2% in March, its lowest level in more than three years.  It’s also the first time since last year that the state and U.S. unemployment rates were at the same level.

Ball State economist Michael Hicks says Indiana’s economy is showing good growth compared to other states, particularly those in the Midwest.