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Purdue's TAP has billion dollar impact

An effort at Purdue is touting its work to assist Indiana businesses save money and increase revenue.

The Technical Assistance Program, or TAP, reports it helped Hoosier companies increase or retain sales worth nearly $115-million over the past year.

That is about 265 percent more than the previous year.

Director David McKinnis says the goal moving forward is to work more with units of government. 

“The Purdue legislative request for the next biennium includes funding for TAP to get involved, as the Kernan and Sheppard Report recommended, in providing an office of technical assistance to governmental units," he said.  "A one percent improvement would be $170-million a year.”

Since the program began in 1986, TAP’s economic impact on the state is more than one-billion-dollars.

And, McKinnis says TAP’s impact is growing.

“The past year has been a record year by about 15-percent.  It's seven times higher than seven years ago, so we have substantially increased,"  he said.  "Purdue is increasing and has its commitment to be a service to the state of Indiana and companies and health care providers are increasingly taking us up on that offer.”

The effort helps to train workers and keep Hoosiers employed.

It focuses on the health care, manufacturing, and energy and environment industries.