This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, a study shows more housing units will be needed in the downtown Lafayette area in the next few years to meet demand—and that both older and younger professionals looking to move there are part of that equation. How does the city create a downtown that appeals to everyone?

In this week's talk with Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski, we’ll discuss concerns surrounding road construction and traffic at the Sagamore Parkway and State Road 26 intersection--and how about those decorative lights?

State officials Friday announced a new program that connects veterans with job opportunities and housing. It’s also an effort from the state to fill tens of thousands of unfilled jobs.

The program is called Next Level Veterans – a source for career training and a homebuyer program tailor made for veterans. The state launched a website to act as its hub.

Gov. Eric Holcomb says he wants veterans to consider making Indiana home, as they transition back to civilian life.

City of West Lafayette

After years of literally molding over, West Lafayette’s city hall has been demolished. But what will replace it is still unclear – as is where that replacement might stand.

City of West Lafayette

The West Lafayette City Council is set to decide the fate of a 600-bed high-rise a developer wants to build just south of State Street.

It’d add more beds to the neighborhood, but might also raise concerns about urban sprawl and the culture of the area just off the Purdue campus.

This week on Ask The Mayor, we speak with West Lafayette’s John Dennis about what impacts he sees from the plan and whether they jibe with his vision for the city.

Also on this week’s show: a number of listener questions about roads around the city.

How can we get more bike lanes?

City of Frankfort

The prospect of turning Interstate 65 into a toll road would have a significant impact on the city of Frankfort – especially if some of the money generated would be directed to road funding.

In this week's conversation with Mayor Chris McBarnes, we ask him if he’s for highway tolling and whether his plans to annex land out to the interstate might be affected by plans at the Statehouse.

Also on today’s show, we circle back to Frankfort’s desire to address derelict properties.

City of Frankfort

A push by Frankfort’s mayor could help bring down blighted buildings in the city – but it might also force the people currently living in them to find a new home.

Chris McBarnes, speaking on WBAA’s “Ask The Mayor,” says letters will soon go out to as many as 20 landlords whose properties have been deemed unsafe by the city.

If those landlords don’t agree to a plan to refurbish them, the city may raze the property and evict any tenants. McBarnes says the city can’t do much more for those evicted than put them in touch with Frankfort’s landlord association, though.

The Lafayette Housing Authority (LHA) plans to take applications for new clients this year. LHA closed its waiting list more than a year ago due to high demand and limited funds to help low-income families secure housing.

Executive Director Al Davis says when they closed the list, there were 1,200 families needing assistance. He says the situation seemed almost hopeless to those seeking help.

“Folks would sign up. We would tell them it would take at least two, if not three, years for them to be assisted,” he recalls.

Lafayette area real estate market "rebounding"

Jan 29, 2013

The State of Real Estate has improved in the Lafayette area, compared to last year. That’s the assessment of experts who give an annual report on commercial and residential property sales.

Lou Johnson with F.C. Tucker Real Estate says the number of home sales last year approached 2,00 and permits for new construction were close to 500. She says most of those new homes are going up outside the city limits of Lafayette and West Lafayette.

Homestead Consulting saves families $14M

Dec 26, 2012

A Lafayette area agency has helped approximately 600 families with home-buying education and foreclosure avoidance this year. Homestead Consulting conducts pre-purchase and prevention counseling for households in Tippecanoe and surrounding counties.

Executive Director Marie Morse says the service has helped local homeowners save more than $14 million in 2012.

"That's a big amount for our homeowners to keep. Most families, their major net worth is in their home. So it's very important that they keep that if they have money already invested in that."

APC approves WL housing complex

Dec 20, 2012

A West Lafayette housing complex is moving forward.

The Tippecanoe Area Plan Commission unanimously approved a proposal to construct a 266-unit development where Cumberland Avenue ends west of U.S 52.

Amy Glenn is against the project.

She lives near the proposed site and thinks the space could serve a better purpose.

"We have plenty of market saturation when it comes to available housing and rental units here in the area," said Glenn.  "I think better use for our community is to develop business and to bring growth for jobs rather than more housing."