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The second edition of a survey which measures how college inputs affect outputs later in life focuses on whether college costs change a person’s life.

The Gallup-Purdue Index asked 30,000 college graduates this year whether they thought what they paid for school was worth it.

WBAA’s Stan Jastrzebski sat down with Gallup’s education polling head Brandon Busteed to talk about how he designs the survey, and how Purdue officials -- some of whom want to push back against student loans -- affect what questions are asked.

Poll: RFRA Sinks Pence Approval Rating

Apr 15, 2015
Gretchen Frazee / Indiana Public Broadcasting

New polling data shows Gov. Mike Pence‘s public opinion took a big blow following controversy over the state’s so-called “religious freedom” bill.

The data shows 75-percent of likely Hoosier voters thought Pence‘s push for RFRA ultimately damaged in the state’s business climate. His job approval also took a big hit -- dropping from 66-percent favorable to just 39-percent.

Almost two-thirds of Republican voters thought the controversy damaged the state’s economy.