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Poll: RFRA Sinks Pence Approval Rating

Gretchen Frazee
Indiana Public Broadcasting

New polling data shows Gov. Mike Pence‘s public opinion took a big blow following controversy over the state’s so-called “religious freedom” bill.

The data shows 75-percent of likely Hoosier voters thought Pence‘s push for RFRA ultimately damaged in the state’s business climate. His job approval also took a big hit -- dropping from 66-percent favorable to just 39-percent.

Almost two-thirds of Republican voters thought the controversy damaged the state’s economy.

The polling data was released this week by the Human Rights Campaign, though the polling itself was done by an independent firm. HRC Communications Director Jason Rahlan says the findings are a clear statement.

“Look, when 72-percent of independent voters in your state oppose what you did and found that the law that you passed is bad for business, I have a funny feeling that that is a pretty widely shared opinion throughout many regions of Indiana,” Rahlan says.

Overall 47-percent of voters think the state is on the wrong track, while 43-percent believe it’s on the right track.

Rahlan says the data is a firm statement by potential voters to Pence and other like-minded lawmakers that bills targeting LGBT groups are wrong.

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