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Federal Judge Halts Indiana Voter Purge System

Jun 11, 2018
A federal judge’s ruling says the method by which Indiana deletes voters from its registration lists likely violates federal law. (Lauren Chapman/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Indiana’s voter roll purge system is on hold after a federal judge temporarily halted it.

The judge’s ruling says the state's method to delete voters from its registration lists likely violates federal law.

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An Indiana University law professor says state officials’ handling of a possible voter fraud investigation threatens the legitimacy of the election. 

An investigation into a group called the Indiana Voter Registration Project has led to accusations of voter fraud from the State Police and Secretary of State.

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Indiana’s registration deadline to vote in the November election is Tuesday.

And, more Hoosiers are registered this year than in any election during the past decade.

The total number of registered voters is approaching 4.8 million as the registration deadline nears.

That’s about 200,000 voters more than any election since at least 2002.

Downs Center for Indiana Politics director Andrew Downs says the surge is in part new voters.

But, often he finds people don’t realize they’re already registered.

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State police are expanding their investigation into possible cases of voter registration fraud.

It started with registration forms originating in Hendricks and Marion counties but police say they’re now looking at seven additional counties across the state.

Allen, Delaware, Hamilton, Hancock, Johnson, Lake and Madison Counties are all included in the new investigation.

The Indiana Voter Registration Project is at the center of the investigation.

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Indiana and the city of South Bend are wading into a redistricting case set for oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The justices will decide whether states can draw legislative districts based on the number of registered voters, rather than the total population. Two Texans are suing their state government, arguing the principle of "one man, one vote" is diluted by counting people who can't vote.

Indiana Beginning Process To Clean Up Voter Rolls

May 28, 2014

For the first time since 2006, Indiana is trying to pare down its list of voters to those who are active voters in the county in which they live.

Secretary of State Connie Lawson says postcards were mailed last week to all registered voters.

If the postcard is returned as undeliverable, the state will send out a second postcard.

If that card comes back, the state will mark the voter as inactive.

IN's new voter registration forms

Oct 14, 2013

The Indiana Secretary of State’s Office is introducing new voter registration forms meant to reduce fraud. The new process is designed to make it easier for county clerks to enroll voters in election years.

During an election year, it’s common to find voter registration drives on college campuses and at community events encouraging people to register to vote. But sometimes the people collecting the registrations will hold onto them until right before the deadline, overwhelming county clerks with lots of last-minute paperwork.

Purdue Community Voter Registration Day

Sep 24, 2012

Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day. The League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette and Purdue Student Government are using the occasion to register more people before the General Election.

Bobby Egan is the executive director of governmental relations for PSG. He says he wants to change the perception that few college-age students vote.

U.S. Senator Dick Lugar will re-register to vote after his right to vote in Indiana’s primary was denied by the Marion County election board.  The decision was part of a legal agreement that kept the issue from being decided in court.

The Marion County Election board ruled a couple weeks ago that Senator Lugar and his wife were no longer eligible to vote using the address of their Indianapolis home as proof of residency. The couple sold the home in 1977, after Lugar was first elected to the Senate.