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A Theatre in Your Head 2019: Stories of the Past, Present, & Future

WBAA Public Radio is proud to make available A Theatre in Your Head, a series of three radio dramas produced by Professor Rick Thomas and Purdue Theatre Sound students:

“The Machine”
Created by Zack Bennett, Chris Carignan and Jacob Mantel; Featuring Kenneth England, Matthew Duncan, Wyndham Maxwell
It’s 1918 in the fictional town of Cordwainer, Indiana. Two brothers struggle to keep the family shoe factory afloat in a changing world. One insists on preserving and building upon the tried and true traditions of the company’s successful past. The other is a dreamer who spends his life pursuing his own life’s ambition. Their unshakeable bond gets put to the ultimate test when the factory’s antiquated equipment breaks down.

“Making Mansfield”
Created by Nathan McWilliams, AJ Trent and John Chung; Featuring Aaron D Moon, Carly Christensen, Martin Swoverland, Kenneth England, Baxter Chambers, and Micah Davis
Our scene shifts to Mansfield, Ohio in the very near future of May 2021. Bionics is on everyone’s mind, and the up-and-coming leader in the field, Neuracorp, looks to expand to Mansfield. But is this steel town ready to embrace the rapidly changing technology that threatens the machine shop strategically located on Highway 30?

“Teleye Saldi”
Created by Jeff Sherwood, Krysta Rogers and Adam Lewis; Featuring Matt Mahoney, Izik Metcalf, Adriana Lefranc, Mackenzie Zorn, Quincy Hunter, and Krysta Rogers
We close in the distant future where two explorers command a starship intent on finding crystals needed to save their home planet Altair. Their closeness gets put to the test when one falls in love and begins to question the value of the mission. Allegiances falter as beliefs collide in a future that resonates in the never-ending struggle for personal freedom.