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Indianapolis participating in a national study looking at how different greenspaces help cool the cities (Credit: Creative Commons/ nichcollins)
Indianapolis one of 12 cities participating in a study looking at how parks keep urban areas cool
  • Author Salman Rushdie at the Blue Sofa at the 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany.
    Hannelore Foerster
    Getty Images
    Indian-born British author Salman Rushdie was brutally attacked this week. He has been the subject of death threats since his book The Satanic Verses was published in 1988.
  • Some say benefits for fossil fuel companies in Congress's climate change legislation weaken its impact. NPR's Michel Martin speaks with energy historian Gregory Brew about the bill.
  • Since the desegregation of higher education, Black enrollment at HBCUs has been on the decline, but that's changing. NPR's Michel Martin discusses this with university administrator Walter Kimbrough.
  • NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest, about the tennis star's investment plans post-retirement.
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  • WLPL Director Nick Schenkel reviews, "Rise: A Pop History of Asian America from the Nineties to Now," by Jeff Yang, Phil Yu, and Philip Wang.
  • WLPL Director Nick Schenkel reviews Eduardo C. Corral's collection of poems, "Guillotine: Poems."
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