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Lafayette Catholic Schools to hire executive director, craft new strategic plan

The Lafayette Catholic School System has a new governance structure.

The boards of trustees and directors are expanding, and a new executive director will be hired to oversee the routine operations of the system’s four schools.

Dr. Marie Williams is the director of pastoral education for the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana. She says most parents and students won’t notice any changes.

"Because these are changes being made at a broader, more administrative level to try to move the system forward to provide the support that's needed for that day-to-day operation.”

Williams says parents are invited to learn more about the governance change at a February 2nd meeting.

The Alliance for Catholic Education at Notre Dame was hired to help with the process. Consultant George Milot says after an assessment, everyone realized there was a better way to run the school system.

"The boards have done wonderful jobs, but they have been the managers of the school system. What this is doing is centralizing things, and allowing someone to come in and manage the school system on a day-by-day basis. So, this would streamline things, but also then allow the boards to start being visionaries.”

He says the next step is to create a strategic plan to guide the system through the next several years. The document will be crafted from February to June and put in place at the start of the next school year.