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Purdue to provide wellness center for employees

Most Purdue employees should have access to an on-site wellness center by the end of the year.

The Board of Trustees approved a contract Friday with CHS Health Services to operate the center. It would be for employees and their dependents covered by a university medical plan.

Vice President for Human Resources Luis Lewin says the move is expected to save on health care costs in the long run.

"The first and second year maybe revenue neutral. We think in the third year, dependent upon usage, which is really going to tell the difference, we expect to see some cost reduction for our medical plan expenses, in terms of claims," says Lewin. "The total that's spent for medical expenses [by Purdue] is $151 million annually."

He says the facility will include urgent care, but also primary care access and wellness programs, such as chronic pain management. Lewin says it is important the center serve more than just non-critical emergencies.

"The approach is going to be holistic. We'll provide the employee will all kinds of medical services from dieticians and nutritionists to taking a look at chronic conditions, pre-chronic conditions, trying to work into preventative wellbeing and avoid serious problems."

The contract with CHS Health Services totals about $14.5 million for the first three years.

The center would be located in Purdue West and is expected to open by late-November.