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Our Kids Summit

An annual conference in the Lafayette area on healthy youth development is set for next week. The Our Kids Summit is in its eighth year.

Lauren Gilmore with Bauer Family Resources says the focus has shifted since the first year when it was preventing child abuse and neglect.

“We are actually bringing in someone from the Search Institute. Several years ago they put something out called the 40 Developmental Assets, which is a model we have adopted, and it’s becoming kind of common language in our community. The 40 Developmental Assets are the building blocks youth need to develop into successful adults. So, we’re really looking at that this year.”

This year’s summit will include a separate track of activities for high school students who attend. Organizers say students took part in some of the Our Kids Summit last year, but this year, there is an entire track of activities for them.

Gilmore says they will join professionals during the keynote address from Search Institute President and CEO Kent Pekel.

“He’s going to be able to tell us about the history of the 40 Developmental Assets, and what they see for the future, how we make that tangible, and how we let adults know they can make a difference in the lives of youth, even if they don’t work with youth directly.”

Some of the Developmental Assets are: positive family communication, service to others, and positive peer influence.

The Our Kids Summit is April 3rd at Faith Community Center in Lafayette. More information about it is HERE.