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Indiana State Fair Draws More Than 950K Visitors


This year‘s Indiana State Fair was a big hit.

Spokesperson Andy Klotz says more than 954-thousand people attended this year‘s event which ended yesterday.

That makes it the third most attended fair ever.

However, that figure is down about 20-thousand from last year which Klotz says was the highest attended fair.

Klotz says more than 48-thousand people attended the brand new Beer and Wine Festival.

"We could not probably have asked for a better situation with that because the vendors who were participating in the exhibit were thrilled with how it went," says Klotz. "And we had just great responses from folks."

As usual, Klotz says the weather played a big role.

He says the weather was great last year, but spotty shower forecasts threw a bit of a damper on this year‘s fair.

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