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Lake County Democrats Lick Their Wounds As Replacement Lake Station Mayor Named

City of Lake Station

He may have been their only choice, but Lake Station Democratic Party officials insist they’re confident in former Mayor Dewey Lemley.

Lemley was selected as interim mayor, to fill ex-Mayor Keith Soderquist's position until January 1. A jury convicted Soderquist on several federal felony charges earlier this month.

Lemley says he’ll do the best he can during his short stay in office.

“I know this position, I know what kind of mess we’re in and I just want to help,” Lemley says.

Lemley says he already has goals established -- among them, to examine the city’s finances.

He says he might not be able to resolve all the city’s financial issues by the end of the year, but he intends to at least make sure the next mayor is aware of what the city faces.

Lake County Democratic Party chairman and Sheriff John Buncich says the party is trying to get past the harm to its reputation.

“The Democratic Party has been tarnished on several occasions and when things like this happen, most recently, our image is somewhat damaged,” Buncich says. “But, we will get through this and we will be successful in the upcoming general election.”

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