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After ten years as police chief, Lafayette’s Patrick Flannelly to retire

Lafayette's Chief Flannelly will retire in 2022 (Photo Courtesy of the Lafayette PD)
Lafayette's Chief Flannelly will retire in 2022 (Photo Courtesy of the Lafayette PD)

The city of Lafayette announced the appointment of a new police chief Monday, set to begin after current Chief Patrick Flannelly’s upcoming retirement.

Captain Scott Galloway, one of five candidates interviewed by Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski for the job, will take over the department in March 2022. He has served on the LPD force since 1998.

Flannelly, who took over as chief in 2012, has been with the department for over 26 years.

Flannelly said with just a few more months left as chief, he’s only had brief moments to reflect on his tenure.

“Priority number one is just making sure that we finish strong,” he said.

Flannelly said he feels he’s leaving LPD in great shape and has kept his focus on how best to prepare the department - and policing writ large - for the future.

“Police officers are human beings and they have the same flaws that every human being on this planet has. We ask them to do a lot in this day and age,” he said. “One of my concerns is the mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being of our officers. That needs a lot of attention moving forward. If we’re going to ask our officers to take the risks they take to bear the burden of a lot of societal ills we need to properly prepare, equip, and support our officers.”

Of incoming Chief Galloway, Flannelly said he was “delighted” to hear that he was Mayor Roswarski’s pick.

So far, Flannelly said he has no plans for retirement.

“I’ve never had a shortage of ideas,” he said. “The biggest challenge is where to focus.”