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This I Believe Essay by Jasmine Widgery

Jasmine is a senior at Lafayette Jefferson High School.

Following graduation, Jasmine intends to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. She plans to pursue a career as a software developer after receiving her degree.

This is her essay entitled, "Isolation"

Imagine living your life in isolation. Everything about your life is the same: you wake up in your own home, you go to work or school, you eat dinner… everything is the same, except nobody in your life is there. Not your parents, your children, your friends, or even your spouse. Instead, you are simply alone.

Wouldn’t life be simply miserable? Even for people who prioritize their career before everything else, life would simply not be worth living. Without those we love, why are we here? How are we to enjoy life without someone to celebrate with? A friend to help bear the weight of our darkest secrets? Isolation is used as a punishment in prisons because loneliness is not for humans; we are social creatures and we need companions.

This is why I believe in companionship. I think life is about the people we surround ourselves with; our friends and family. When I hear the question “What is the meaning of life,” I think that individual life is irrelevant; life is about the impact that each person has on another. It’s about the people we share our experiences with, who we tell everything to, and who we cry on when we’re sad.

I cannot imagine my life without the people in it. I have a strong support system in my family. Everything I do, I do for them. They’re my motivation for aspiring to be successful. Most everyone has someone that motivates them in this way, and those who don’t often find it harder to reach their goals because of the lack of companionship.

Sometimes it’s hard to recognize how much someone helps you. Take this moment to think about that. Tell them how much you appreciate them, because tomorrow is never promised. This I believe.