Ask The Mayor: Frankfort's Judy Sheets On Handling COVID-19 As The City's New Mayor

Mar 19, 2020

Credit City of Frankfort

This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, a brand new mayor joins the program. Frankfort Mayor Judy Sheets was sworn in on March 2, after several terms as the city’s clerk-treasurer, and was immediately faced with the challenge of overseeing the city’s response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. How does a brand-new mayor tackle a big task?

This week in our talk with Mayor Sheets, we’ll get an update on how Frankfort is handling COVID-19, how local officials are working together, and what measures the city is taking to ensure the health and safety of residents.  

Plus, how Frankfort’s local businesses could be impacted by closures—and how citizens are responding to the crisis.

*This post was updated to reflect that Mayor Sheets was sworn in, not elected, on March 2.