Committee Will Create Specialty 'Commercial Courts'

Jun 5, 2015

The court would handle complex cases pitting businesses against one another, in an effort to keep them from bogging down the court system as a whole.
Credit Joe Gratz /

Indiana will soon become the twenty-second state in the nation to create a type of specialty court dedicated to business cases. 

Under the new system, counties will dedicate one or two courts to handle business cases, while the judges in those courts will receive special training and gain expertise in those legal issues. 

Indiana Chamber of Commerce President Kevin Brinegar, who’s a member of the working group, says dedicating well-trained judges to commercial courts can be a major benefit for businesses across the state.

“So that there should be more consistency in the decisions and in the application of the law,” Brinegar says.

Allen County Superior Court Judge Craig Bobay is leading the working group and says adding commercial courts can have an enormous impact on the rest of the court system.

“These cases can sometimes drag on for years in courts and thus it delays the courts developing their resources and devoting their attention to other sorts of cases, such as family cases,” Bobay says.

Bobay says the working group’s goal is to have commercial courts up and running next year.