Curtis Hill Attorneys Threaten Defamation Suit

Jul 18, 2018

Lawyers for Attorney General Curtis Hill sought to discredit parts of a leaked report that contains sexual misconduct allegations against Hill.

The lawyers Wednesday threatened to bring a defamation suit against an unknown person who wrote part of the report.

There are a few discrepancies between the report, which contains accusations against Hill, and first-person accounts from the alleged victims.

Hill’s attorney Kevin Betz claims those differences show someone intentionally put what he calls “false and malicious” information in the report. And he wants legislative leaders to identify that person.

“Correct this memo that continues to contain this false and malicious information,” Betz says.

Hill has used campaign money on Facebook and Twitter ads for the last two weeks that also seek to discredit the report and his accusers.

Betz also criticized legislative leaders – and Gov. Eric Holcomb – who called on Hill to resign.

“And I’m here to say that is pure hysteria,” Betz says.

Betz also wants to bring a defamation claim against the unknown person who leaked the report to the press.

In his press conference, Betz said he hasn't been paid by the Attorney General for this work and doesn't expect to be paid. But later in the same press conference, Betz said he might be paid for it. He also says he'll ensure taxpayer dollars aren't used for such a payment.

In a statement, Republican legislative leaders Sen. David Long (R-Fort Wayne) and Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) said: “We believe Curtis Hill is the individual who should be answering questions about allegations of inappropriate conduct, and we stand by our prior statements regarding this matter. We are fully cooperating with the Inspector General’s Office as they conduct their current investigation and will await the results.”