Korean Companies Working With Purdue to Fight Fires

Feb 21, 2012

A pair of Korean companies is showing what their technology can do to help local firefighters.

HoyaRobot and DRB have built robots used to fight fires.

HoyaRobot’s device is a small one that uses a camera to help find people trapped in a burning building.  DRB’s is designed to go into a blaze and spray water to reduce the risk for firefighters.

Lafayette Fire Chief Richard Doyle says the technology has great potential for the department in the future, particularly to fight larger fires.

He says the department currently has some infrared technology, but it can only be used when a firefighter is holding a camera inside a blaze.

Members of the department got a first-hand look at the robots Tuesday during a demonstration.

Purdue researchers are collaborating with the two companies to bring the technology to the United States and possibly for use locally.

The robots are currently being used in Korea.