LISTEN: Purdue Senate Chair Cheryl Cooky On The BGR Civics Test -- Just Don't Call It That

Aug 6, 2019

The graduation test is still contentious, but the school hopes several thousand incoming freshmen will take its predecessor next week to show what students have learned through high school.

For months, Purdue faculty have sparred with President Mitch Daniels about his desire to make passing a civics test a graduation requirement – even if both sides broadly agree students don’t know enough about government.

Next week, incoming freshmen will set the baseline for what Purdue students know by taking a voluntary questionnaire as part of Boiler Gold Rush, Purdue’s orientation program. WBAA’s Stan Jastrzebski sat down with Purdue Senate Chair Cheryl Cooky to find out about the test – which was still being written with less than a week before students arrive, and which she’s hesitant to call a “test.”