North Montgomery Compensating Teachers To Pursue Master's Degrees

May 22, 2019


North Mont has the budget for four to six teachers to pursue their Master’s, but Superintendent Colleen Moran says asking teachers to enroll in as many as ten more classes might not be an easy sell.
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North Montgomery High School hopes to keep its staff longer and increase college credits earned by students through a new program that’ll subsidize Master’s degrees for teachers.

The school corporation will pay teachers five-hundred dollars per credit hour to earn the degrees necessary for them to teach dual-credit courses. The Higher Learning Commission, which accredits many colleges, says teachers must have a masters to teach high schoolers classes for which they’ll also earn college credit.

North Mont Superintendent Colleen Moran says she also wants to avoid competing with other schools for top staff, “but we would like to get the most bang for our buck by having those that have been here and attended to spend their career here.”

About four to six teachers could take classes, based on the school corporation’s budget. Moran admits, however, it could be a challenge to entice teachers to pursue another degree.