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Subaru taking “wait and see” approach to federal vaccine requirements

A Subaru associate being vaccinated at an in-house clinic in March. Subaru taking a "wait and see" approach to vaccine requirements. (WBAA News/Ben Thorp)

Officials with Subaru Indiana Automotive in Lafayette say they are taking a “wait and see” approach to federal vaccine requirements.

In September, President Biden moved to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for federal workers and businesses with more than 100 employees. Those efforts have been met with a number of lawsuits.

Rachel Hazaray is with Subaru Indiana Automotive. She said until there’s more clarity, Subaru won’t be requiring employees to get vaccinated.

“Because there is so much uncertainty in the legal landscape, our position is we think it’s appropriate to take a thoughtful and wait and see approach,” Hazaray said. “And wait until we have really clear guidance.”

Subaru Indiana Automotive employs over 6,400 people. Hazaray said the company isn’t keeping track of how many staff are vaccinated.

“We don’t actually ask for associates to share their vaccination status,” she said. “We do have a program where associates want to participate with an option to work in the workplace without being masked. We do have an opportunity for associates to voluntarily submit their vaccination status. But we don’t think it’s really a good indicator of the overall vaccination rate.”

Subaru has held a number of vaccination clinics on-site in an effort to encourage employees to get vaccinated.