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Leaders from Indiana’s public universities made their biennial trip to the State Budget Committee on Wednesday in advance of a new state budget that legislators will debate early next year.

A big part of the universities’ presentations is proving to the committee how much work they’ve put into improving their institutions.

Graduating students on time is a major focus of the legislature, so one of Purdue president and former governor Mitch Daniels’ budget requests is more money to help increase the number of students taking summer classes.

Jobs Report Shows Improvement And Reasons For Concern

Nov 7, 2014
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An economist from Ball State says the jobs report shows the labor market is improving slowly, but he says there is still a lot of underlying weakness.   

The Labor Department says the economy created 214,000 jobs in October, while the nation‘s unemployment rate fell to 5.8-percent, down a tenth of a point from September.

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A group from Ball State University is working to help bring clean drinking water to areas in Nepal near Mount Everest.

Ball State Geological Sciences Professor Kirsten Nicholson says near the base camp to Mount Everest, local residents are dealing with contaminated water mainly due to a lack of modern sanitation and the increasing number of tourists annually.

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A biology professor at Ball State University is working with other Midwest researchers to find a treatment for a fungus that’s killing the country’s bats at a record rate.  

Bats carry a negative reputation through most of the world.  This week, scientists announced a theory that bats are the cause of the rapid spread of the Ebola virus that is devastating regions of Africa.  But Ball State associate professor Tim Carter says bats play a critical role in our ecosystem.